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Indian Peaks spectacular layout was designed by Hall of Fame player Hale Irwin. His record includes victories in three U.S. Opens, two U.S. Senior Opens, and a total of 83 professional wins. Most will remember him forever for his spontaneous jaunt around the 72nd green at Medinah en route to his third U.S. Open championship.

Indian Peaks gets its name from the jagged peaks of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, clearly visible along the Continental Divide to the west, with eight well-known peaks named after some of the Native American tribes that used to live there.

Indian Peaks opened in 1993 and is a favorite among locals and travelers from afar. Indian Peaks features 18-holes of Championship golf featuring six sets of tees. The course plays at 4,916 yards from the forward tees all the way up to 7,088 yards from the back tees. Choose the tee that best suits your game for a fun and challenging test of golf! The course provides great views of the Flatirons near Boulder and the Rocky Mountains off in the distance. The view from the 18th tee is nothing short of spectacular. Having a cold one on our patio at sunset with the view of the mountains off to the west is a must!

hale irwin

  • Hole #1

    Hole #1

    Your tee shot is key in how difficult this opening hole will be. The ideal landing area off the tee is short of the fairway bunkers but past the two large trees guarding the left side. Lay up your second shot short of South Boulder Creek leaving a wedge or short iron to a green protected by bunkers short and long.
  • Hole #2

    Hole #2

    The second hole is a challenging par 4. Fairway bunkers on the right side will grab any tee shots leaking right. The hole plays uphill requiring an extra club on your approach into the green. Bunkers guarding the front right of the green will grab any approach shots coming up short.
  • Hole #3

    Hole #3

    This can be a birdie opportunity if you can fit your tee shot between the fairway bunkers on this downhill par 4. A short iron or wedge should be all you have left to this rolling green with one large bunker guarding the front right side.
  • Hole #4

    Hole #4

    Don't lose focus as you get to one of the finest views on the course. This par 5 is very reachable for the longer hitter, but you'll need to avoid the fairway bunkers that guard both sides of the fairway. The fairway bunkers on the right side are slightly hidden from the tee. Your approach into this wide green is guarded by bunkers left and right. Any shots over the green will leave a difficult downhill chip shot.
  • Hole #5

    Hole #5

    Slightly downhill par 3 looks simple enough from the tee, but you will want to stay below the hole as this green slopes from back to front. Avoid the bunkers lurking left and right if you want to make par.
  • Hole #6

    Hole #6

    This is a very challenging dogleg left with water down the left side. The ideal landing area is just right of the water. Those that bail out right will be faced with a very long approach shot into this large green guarded by bunkers front left.
  • Hole #7

    Hole #7

    This short dogleg right par 4 can prove to be a tough test. Your tee shot is played to the barber pole that marks the ideal landing area. Tee shots that fall short of the landing area may leave a difficult second shot over or around a large tree that protects the right side of this hole. Your approach shot with a short iron is to an elevated green guarded by a large bunker on the right.
  • Hole #8

    Hole #8

    A challenging par 3 with water short and left, and bunkers left and right. Make par here and go happily to the next tee.
  • Hole #9

    Hole #9

    This is a tough dogleg right with fairway bunkers guarding the right side and water on the left from the landing area to the green. A good tee shot will leave a middle or long iron to a green that is slightly elevated and guarded by bunkers right and long. One of the largest greens on the course will require a good shot to find the putting surface.
  • Hole #10

    Hole #10

    The tee shot here offers two choices with an exciting risk/reward opportunity. Longer hitters can risk hitting their tee shot over Bullhead Gulch leaving a short wedge into the green, but brings water, bunkers, and long rough into play, not to mention OB left. The safer choice is down the right side leaving a short iron into the green. Stay below the hole as this green slopes from back to front.
  • Hole #11

    Hole #11

    Long par 5 offers a generous fairway off the tee with water down the right side and fairway bunkers guarding the left side at the corner of the dogleg. On your second shot either layup to a yardage that is short of the water, or risk getting closer to the green and bringing the bunkers and water into play. Approach shots into the green are faced with water right and bunkers left
  • Hole #12

    Hole #12

    Aim your tee shot at the bunker at the end of the fairway to be in good position to attack the pin. Tee shots drifting left will usually find the fairway bunker guarding the dogleg and will make getting a par difficult. One small bunker guards the front of this green and tends to catch approach shots coming up short.
  • Hole #13

    Hole #13

    Short par 4 that doglegs to the right is guarded by a fairway bunker that should be avoided if you want to make par. Play your tee shot left or short of the fairway bunker leaving a short iron into the green that is guarded by bunkers right, left, and long.
  • Hole #14

    Hole #14

    A short par 3 with a large green. The only hole on the course without a bunker. Keep your approach shot below the hole as this green slopes from back to front.
  • Hole #15

    Hole #15

    One of the best holes on the course. A long and accurate tee shot over Bullhead Gulch is required to find the fairway. A large mound and bunkers guard the left side off the tee while bunkers on the right will catch tee shots leaking that direction. An uphill approach to a large green is guarded by a deep bunker on the left.
  • Hole #16

    Hole #16

    This is a challenging par 3 that plays 222 yards from the back tees and is guarded by a small bunker in front and a large bunker behind the green. You will need to hit a tee shot that lands soft and stops quickly to hold this green and avoid the trouble long. Par here is always a good score.
  • Hole #17

    Hole #17

    Grip it & Rip it on this uphill par 5. The tee shot offers a very wide fairway off the tee so no excuses for missing it. The fairway bunker on the right will swallow up shots heading that way making this hole more difficult than it should be. Layup to your favorite yardage on the second shot to make for an easier approach into the green which plays dramatically uphill. Deep bunkers on the right will catch any shots coming up short.
  • Hole #18

    Hole #18

    Enjoy the view as you get to this picturesque downhill par 4. Danger is lurking down the left with a large fairway bunker that is difficult to play from, as well as a pond that can catch errant tee shots from big hitters. Your approach is slightly downhill into a large green surrounded by bunkers ready to catch any mis-guided approach shots.

Course Ratings

Men's RatingsWomen's Ratings
Silver 72.6/131 Blue 75.3/140
Black 70.7/127 Gold 73.1/135
Blue 68.7/124 White 71.2/123
Gold 67.1/121  Red 67.8/119
White 64.8/115    
Red 62.6/109    

While we all face the demands of less time for leisure activities in our life, there is a growing wave of support in the game of golf that pace is a priority and that golfers need to be more aware of the importance of pace of play. 

Indian Peaks has collected data from many thousands of rounds of golf, and along with research and evaluation from the Colorado Golf Association, we have determined how long it actually takes guests to play each hole, and have set our pace of play accordingly.   This data shows the average duration by hole on our property and have allowed us to set our goal of 4 hours and 28 minutes per round of golf.  Pace for the front nine is set at 2 hours,12 minutes.  Pace for the back nine is set at 2 hours, 16 minutes inclusive of 9 minutes allowed when making the turn.

For those who feel the need to fly around our course in a few hours, it is rarely achievable with the popularity of our course and the amount of play it receives.  For those guests who feel a round of golf is a leisurely stroll for 5+ hours, this is something that is not fair to your fellow golfers playing behind you. They paid their green fees as well to enjoy a great day of golf.  We wouldn't want one slow group to ruin the experience for everyone else.

Pace of Play is crucial to the enjoyment levels for everyone playing today and it is imperative that you Maintain Your Position with the group playing directly in front of you at all times. Don’t worry about the group behind you; that is our job. Groups can only play as quick as the group ahead. It is a one lane highway and you must maintain your position or eventually all groups playing behind you get backed up.  If your group happens to lose contact with the group playing directly ahead of you, your group needs to pick up the pace and close the gap.  A Player’s Assistant will be by shortly to help improve your position.

pace of play

1st Conversation Is a polite reminder about your time and position in relation to the group ahead,and allowing you to improve your time and move back into position.
2nd Conversation After a reasonable amount of time to improve your position, it is reinforced as to the need to close the gap or it may be necessary to re-position your group back behind the group in front by skipping a hole.
3rd Conversation Is to provide you with the option to skip any open holes and reposition your group back in place, or provide you with a rain check for un-played holes and discontinue play.

If you do not see a Player’s Assistant on the course, do not despair, that means they are working with the groups ahead of you that may be causing some delays.

The last thing our staff wants to do on a daily basis is to inform you of slow play. We do not enjoy disrupting your round and would rather you have an amazing time enjoying Indian Peaks for its challenges and beauty. But we must ensure that one group does not ruin the day for everyone.

A pace of play summary at indian peaks

  • Have reasonable pace of play expectations – 4 hours, 28 minutes or less.
  • Expect to play with groups directly in front of and behind you as the golf course will be busy on most days.
  • The ability to simply “zip” around in 3 hours is rarely available.
  • Play the appropriate tees – don’t simply go by yardage. Ask the Golf Staff for recommendations or see the Indian Peaks scorecard.
  • Drop your partner off with a couple of clubs and proceed to your ball. Hit when ready.
  • Play from the teeing ground should be faster than any other position.
  • If waiting for green to clear on a Par 5, allow shorter hitters to play first.
  • If players in your group are playing from different tees, drop off a player or players and proceed to your tee and be ready to play.

Common comments

“The group behind us is not pushing us.”  Playing golf, especially on a busy course is a one lane road. You can only travel as fast as the person or car ahead of you.

  • Maintain pace with the group directly in front of you.
  • Let us worry about the group behind you.
  • No nonsense on the greens.

“I’m not a very good player/high handicapper.”  Score or handicap has less to do with pace of play than most think. Players and groups who are aware of pace of play and the techniques used to allow them to maintain pace with the group in front of them, often have a great pace, regardless of score.

  • Watch your shot(s).
  • Play the appropriate tees.
  • Limit time searching for golf balls.

“We’re only a few minutes behind.”  Groups that are behind are behind “maximum allowable pace.” It is important to understand the ladder concept – if the group in front of you is slightly behind pace, each and every group behind them is now slower and expected and pace of play nears 5 hours quicker than you think. Each group is responsible and in control of their pace, and groups that fall behind will get some assistance from our courteous Player Assistant..

  • Prepare to hit while others are hitting.
  • Drop off your partner with 2-3 clubs before heading to your ball.
  • Play from the tee should be faster than any other position.

“We’ve paid our money and will play however we want.”  Yes, we do receive this statement from guests.  ALL of our guests have paid for a memorable golf experience and deserve the opportunity to play in a reasonable amount of time.

Proper Golf Attire

We promote a quality golf experience for everyone and kindly ask golfers to wear proper golf attire when utilizing the golf course, practice facilities, or clubhouse. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Men are requested to wear a collared golf polo shirt, but a nice collarless shirt is also acceptable.  Men should wear slacks or bermuda-length shorts.  Sleeveless shirts or cut-offs are not appropriate.Women are requested to wear a sport polo shirt or collarless golf shirt, and golf slacks, appropriate length shorts or skort.  Sleeveless tops are acceptable for women.  Tank tops or halter tops are not appropriate.

The use of metal golf spikes or any shoes with large cleats are prohibited.  It is suggested to use golf shoes with soft-spikes or spikeless golf shoes.

We reserve the right to deny access to the golfing facility to anyone dressed inappropriately. 

Indian Peaks Golf Course is a Hale Irwin Signature Design, and the premier tournament destination in Colorado.  Indian Peaks opened in 1993 and is known for its pristine condition and fun yet challenging test for golfers of all abilities.  Great views of the Flatirons and Rocky Mountains beyond is just one of our trademarks that players enjoy when golfing Indian Peaks.  Our PGA professional staff will assist you along the way in organizing your event to make it the best it can be and create a lasting impression with all participants.  From initial planning of the event all the way to tournament day we will be there to guide you, answer any questions, and make your job as easy as possible in putting on a memorable tournament.

32-144 Players

Tournaments are available for small or large groups, 32-144 players.  For even larger groups we can offer a double-shotgun event to accommodate everyone!

We host both tee-time and shotgun start events, 7 days a week!

Tee-time event 
Monday thru Thursday Anytime
Friday thru Sunday, holidays After 11:00am
Shotgun event
Morning only, 7:30am or 2 hours after sunrise  
Monday thru Friday   60 player minimum
Saturday, Sunday, holidays  100 player minimum

Groups of 32 or more players are subject to the following Tournament Rates.  The Tournament Rate is inclusive of everything needed to make your event a success and make it memorable for all participants

Tournament rates 
Monday thru Thursday $79.00 per player
Friday thru Sunday, holidays $88.00 per player
For larger groups playing Monday thru Thursday (except holidays) we are able to offer a Quantity Player Discount.
48+ players $3 discount per player
96+ players $6 discount per player

Tournament Rates include:

  • Green Fee
  • Cart
  • Range Balls
  • $10.00 Golf Shop credit per player
  •  Your tournament fee includes a merchandise credit that can be applied towards purchases in the Gof Shop or Gift Cards for your winning golfers
  • Tournament Services

Tournament Services include:

  • Personalized Cart Signs
  • Personalized Scorecards
  • Personalized Rules/Info Sheet
  • Tournament Scoring
  • Registration Area, Tables, Chairs
  • Alpha & Foursome LIsts for Registration
  • On-Course Contest Markers
  • Contests such as Closest to Pin, Long Drive, Longest Putt
  • Sponsor Sign Placement & Removal

Tournament dates are booked by executing a signed Event Agreement

Player Count and Full Payment of fees is due 7 days prior to event date

For more information or to book an event contact Steve Saulsbery, PGA, at 303-666-4706 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Information

All Food & Beverage (including alcohol) must be purchased through Indian Peaks Golf Course

Catered F&B options and Drink Tickets are available for purchase through our F&B Manager.  Contact Tess Murdock or Phil Pautz for information.

Tess Murdock:303-666-9597  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phil Pautz:303-666-9597  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View Tournament Menu

Pace of Play Policy

Indian Peaks Golf Course requires all golfers to complete 18-holes in 4 hours, 28 minutes.  A Player Assistant will work with groups to maintain their pace of play.  Groups that have fallen behind will be asked to speed up and get back into position, or to skip a hole(s) to get back into position.

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