Registration: Individual Match Play-Registration Deadline (Apr 21, 2019 11:59 pm)

Individual Match Play

Entry Fee $30/player

Registration Deadline Sunday, April 21st

The Individual Match Play will be formed by handicap index into 16 player brackets. We will have a Black Tee bracket(s), Blue Tee bracket(s), and Gold Tee bracket(s). Brackets will be formed once registration is complete and based on handicap breakdown for the field. All brackets will also have a consolation bracket for players losing their first match so that all players are guaranteed at least two matches. Seniors over 60 years old may elect to play in the Gold Tee bracket. Brackets will be seeded by handicap index.

Match Play Schedule for All Brackets


                                                                                  Completion Dates

Round 1 Matches

May 26th

Round 2 Matches

June 23rd

Consolation Round 1 Matches

June 23rd

Round 3 Matches

July 21st

Consolation Round 2 Matches

July 21st

Round 4 Final Match

August 18th

Consolation Round 3 Final Match

August 18th



Individual matches will be at 100% handicap, using the most current USGA revision. The higher handicap player(s) will “wheel off” the lower handicap player, receiving strokes where they fall on the scorecard.

  1. All players must have an established USGA handicap at the time of their first match or play with a scratch handicap.
  2. Matches are to be played over 18-holes at Indian Peaks Golf Course only and scheduled by the players, unless for reasons of time and scheduling players agree to a lesser number of holes, or another method of deciding the match.
  3. Matches must be decided by the posted deadline or a coin flip will be used to decide the match.
  4. In the event of a tied match after 18 holes, play will continue beginning on original starting hole until match is decided. Any strokes received by players will apply to the same holes as in the 18 hole match.




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Match Play Tees (effective for all rounds):
My USGA index is below 7.9, I will play BLACK TEE bracket  
My USGA index is between 8-14.9, I will play BLUE TEE bracket  
My USGA index is 15+ or I'm a Senior (age 60+) I will play GOLD TEE bracket  
I'm a Super-Senior (age70+) I will play WHITE tees  
I'm an Extra Super-Senior (age80+) I will play RED tees  
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