Level 2 - Get Better at Golf

2024 Clinic Registration Procedure *NEW*

Due to an unprecedented surge in demand for clinic registrations, we are implementing a lottery system to ensure fairness and alleviate registration issues. Students will now have a two-week window to register for the initial wave of each clinic registration. Unlike previous methods, registration will no longer be determined by who signs up first.

For clinics scheduled in April, May, and June, initial registration will be open from March 1st through March 14th, with the lottery drawing taking place on March 15th. Similarly, for clinics in July, August, and September, registration will run from June 1st through June 14th, with the lottery drawing occurring on June 15th.

Participants selected via the random draw lottery will receive an exclusive registration link via email on either March 15th or June 15th, depending on the registration date for their respective clinic. We believe this approach will create a more equitable registration process and mitigate previous challenges.

Once the respective lotteries have concluded, any remiaining unfilled clinics will be opened for general registration

Registration Lottery will be open March 1st-14th for all April, May, and June Clinics

Registration Lottery will be open June 1st-14th for all July, August, and September Clinics


Level 2: Get Better at Golf and Have More Fun!

5 Lessons for $179

Suggested Handicap Range for Level 2: 15 to 30 handicap



Once you have graduated from the Level 1 - INTRO TO GOLF clinic and/or are able to hit the ball consistently and are comfortable with the basics for all parts of golf (gripping the club, putting, chipping, and full swings with irons and woods), Level 2 - GET BETTER AT GOLF is for developing the next step in your golfing journey!



You will expand on the basics of the golf and learn crucial skills to play better golf and have more fun! You will learn how to read lies and hit from different types of grasses, how to hit from non-flat lies, how to use wedges correctly for scoring, and most importantly how to control your shot shape and height to manuever your ball around the course. Under the supervision of PGA professionals and apprentices, these lessons combine fun, friends, and provide a fun way to better your game. Each session will focus on the various golf skills you will use while playing the game of golf. 


Complimentary with the Level 2 - Get Better at Golf Clinic:

  • $45 Driving Range Punch Card  (5 medium buckets)
  • $25 Green Fee Discount Card ($5 off for 5 rounds)

Total value of $249 with added items for only $!179


Example of Level 2 schedule of sessions:

  • Session I: Putting. 3 Keys to Great Putting
  • Session II: Chipping and pitching. Reading lies and selecting the right shot
  • Session III: Distance Wedges. How to score from 100 yards and in
  • Session IV: Full swing. How to hit from different lies and slopes
  • Session V: Full swing. Learn how to hit the 9 shot shapes in golf
  • Five 90-minute sessions for $179

6:1 student to instructor ratio

*Registration for lottery does not guarantee entry into that clinic.

You will be contacted via email if your registration is accepted and confirmed.

2024 Level 2 - Get Better at Golf        
Class Code Dates Day Times Capacity Register for Lottery
April 3-5-10-12-17  Wed/Fri 5:45-7:15pm 6 March 1-14th
 April 25-30-May 2-7-9 Thu/Tue 6:15-7:45pm 12 March 1-14th
  ADL2-3 June 3-5-10-12-17  Mon/Wed 4:00-5:30pm 12 March 1-14th
  ADL2-4  June 13-18-20-25-27 Thu/Tue 5:00-6:30pm 6 March 1-14th
  ADL2-5  July 10-15-17-22-24 Wed/Mon 4:45-6:15pm 6
 June 1-14th
 ADL2-6  Aug 2-9-16-23-30 Friday 4:00-5:30pm 6 June 1-14th
 ADL2-7 Aug 20-22-27-29-Sept 3  Tue/Thu 5:45-7:15pm 6 June 1-14th
ADL2-8 Aug 27-29-Sept 3-5-10 Tue/Thu 4:00-5:30pm 6 June 1-14th


Adult Level 2 Clinic Registration

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