Indian Peaks Men’s League FAQ
1. How much is does it cost to join the Men's League at Indian Peaks? $155. The fee includes your handicap fee for the year, your year-long prize pool contribution, a FREE $50 Range Card, and you'll receive a 25% discount on merchandise in the golf shop.
2. When can I register for the 2022 season? Previous years members may register beginning January 1st. New members may register beginning February 1st. The league will cap at 200 members.
3. What are the entry fees? For 1 Day Events the cost is $78. For 2 Day Events the cost is $156. This includes your greens fees and prize pool entry. We offer an optional cash skins game for most events. The game is full field skins with gross and net payouts. Full-field proxies on par 3's are included in your entry fee. Prize money is paid out in golf shop credit to approximately the top 25% of the field/flight.
4. Are there any other costs? Golf carts and range balls are additional and can be purchased day of play.
5. How do event entries work? Generally, 2 weeks prior to each event an email will be sent league wide with a link to the registration page. Whether or not you get the invitation, you can access the event registration link on the Indian Peaks website under the 2022 Schedule and Results under the Men’s League tab. You will pay your entry fee with a credit card when you register. Cart fees are paid upon check-in for the event. Optional skins are due IN CASH when you check in on event day.
6. What happens if I registered and paid, but it turns out I can't play in an event? We run our league under the general premise that you should not enter an event unless you are 100% sure you can play. Before you register for an event, make sure your calendar is clear. Indian Peaks does not refund any entry fees except in the event of a family or medical emergency.
7. Do I get advanced tee time reservations? No. You may book tee times 7 days in advance over the phone or up to 10 days in advance through our website or app.
8. When does the Men's League usually play? The league plays every other weekend April through October. Most events are 1 day with a few 2 day events including the Member-Member, Ryder Cup, and Club Championship. We also have season-long Individual Match Play played at days of your choosing and run a 9-hole Skins Game Thursday afternoons May through August.
9. How are flights determined? Individual events are flighted by handicap into flights and varies by the number of entries and other factors. Team events are flighted by combined handicaps and the number of entries.
10. How are tee times determined? Tee times vary through the season by flights so sometimes you will go early, sometimes you will late. We try to mix it up through the season so everyone gets a variety. In the tournament formats page or in the packet will indicate which order flights will go that day. (example - High/Mid/Low means the high handicap flights will go first, the middle in the middle, and the low handicap flights will go out later that day.)
11. How do I register for an event and pay the entry fee? There are two easy ways. One is to click the link in the e-mail that will be sent two weeks prior when the registration for an event opens. To self serve, you may visit the Indian Peaks website and click on 2022 Schedule and Results to view the calendar and select on an event.