2020 IPML Schedule & Results

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March 21 Saturday Stroke Play 9:00am Tee Times Cancelled 
April 5 Sunday 2-Man Best Ball 9:00am Shotgun 
April 19 Sunday The Peaks Masters (Major) 9:00am Tee Times  Cancelled
May 2 Saturday Stroke Play 8:00am Tee Times Results
May 17 Sunday 2-Man Best Ball 8:00am Tee Times Results 
May 24 Sunday Individual Match Play-Registration Deadline   Results 
May 30-31 Sat-Sun The Accomplice (Major)
7:30am TT- Sat
7:30am TT - Sun
June 13 Saturday Stroke Play 8:00am Tee Times Results 
June 27-28 Sat-Sun Ryder Cup 7:30am Tee Times  Results
July 11 Saturday Stroke Play 7:30am Tee Times Results 
July 26 Sunday The Peaks Cup (Major) 8:00am Tee Times Results
August 8 Saturday Member/Guest 8:30am Tee Times Results 
August 16 Sunday 2-Man Best Ball 8:30am Tee-Times Results 
August 29-30 Sat-Sun Indian Peaks Club Championship (Major) 8:30am Tee Times Results 
September 12 Saturday Players Championship Invitational 8:30am Tee Times  Results 
September 27 Sunday Stroke Play 9:00am Tee Times Results
 October 18 Sunday Heaven & Hell 2-Man Best Ball 9:00am Tee Times Results