Indian Peaks Golf Course Maintenance Overview

The maintenance division maintains 182.77 acres of golf course and native areas. The golf course is nestled in a community of residential homes. One of our goals is to be a good neighbor and harmonize our cultural practices with the community’s best interest in mind. We implement an integrated pest management program that takes advantage of biological and natural alternatives as a first step in addressing pest problems. In cooperation with the Audubon-USGA Cooperative Sanctuary Program, we encourage wildlife and environmentally sensitive practices that favor chemical use as the last resort.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

As mentioned above, Indian Peaks is registered with Audubon International. We have successfully received certification in two vital areas: 1) Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, and 2) Water Conservation.


The golf course and parks in Lafayette are controlled by a computerized, state-of-the-art irrigation system called CIRRUS. In conjunction with a variable frequency pump station, in-field controllers, and on-site weather stations. (CIRRUS manages using a calculated evaporation-transpiration rate (ET). This assures the best technology in water management.


Indian Peaks Golf Course also utilizes Eco-Cycle for single-stream recycling service at the clubhouse and at the maintenance facility.


Land managers in Lafayette work to increase their environmentally sustainable practices (thereby reducing the use of traditional chemicals) by utilizing biological alternatives such as beneficial insects, microbes, and other living organisms to proactively address pest concerns. At Indian Peaks Golf Course, turf fertility programs include bionutrition to improve plant health and to combat the on-set of turf diseases.

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