Tee it Forward


You'll play faster and have more fun!

TEE IT FORWARD, which was launched in 2011, has been enthusiastically received by golfers nationwide.

Results showed that:

  • 70% had more fun
  • 47% played faster
  • 91% will Tee it Forward again
  • 52% are likely to play more golf

TEE IT FORWARD asks golfers to play from tees best suited to their ability to help them play faster and have more fun.  By moving up as set of tees, golfers will be able to hit approach shots with more lofted clubs into the greens, similar to the approach shots Tour players hit.  We encourage golfers to TEE IT FORWARD anytime and anywhere.

Many amateurs regularly hit approach shots on a par-4 from 185-205 yards.  When you TEE IT FORWARD you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145-165 yards.  Therefore, you should be hitting more lofted irons into greens instead of hitting fairway woods and hybrids.  By hitting more lofted irons, you should play faster and have more fun!

Indian Peaks has added TWO NEW SET OF TEES designed to fit the games of more golfers and make the game more fun for players of all skill levels.  Golfers can now play 18 holes from yardages ranging from 7,088 yards to 4,916 yards, depending on your choice of tee.

Research has shown that one factor for golfers to consider beyond skill level is how far they hit the golf ball.  The "slow swing-speed" golfer simply does not hit the ball as far, and should be playing a set of tees more suited to how far they hit it.  The "slow swing-speed" golfer can consider the playing from a more forward set of tees, such as the GOLD, WHITE, or RED tees, to have more fun when playing at Indian Peaks.  Taking it one step further, Indian Peaks wants to appeal to more NEW golfers, KIDS, and FAMILIES. The YELLOW tees are a great option for these players to help them make Par!  Check out our family golf program--FREE golf for juniors!

Are you new to the game?  Not ready for the Tour yet?  Do you want to have more fun on the golf course? Try some of the "IT'S OK RULES" next time you play. You're not playing in a tournament, so put some of these hints to work for you and start enjoying the game!

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