Men's League Points Standings 2019

AS OF 9/8
1 - Kurt Simmerman 810
2 - Mark Verheyen
3 - Mike Wait 665
4 - Shaun Sugadhan 655
5 -Bill Slade 630
6 - Mike Russell 620
7 - Eugene Cahill 610
T8 - Alan Knapp 595
T8 - Rob Caspari 585
T10 - Mark Bronstein 560

PLAYER of the YEAR 2019

 Kurt Simmerman

Player of the year points are accumulated by playing in Men’s League events. The player with the most accumulated points after The Players Championship will be designated with this honor. Player of the Year will be rewarded with a $100 gift card, a $300 Range Card for practice balls, Indian Peaks logo’d merchandise, and other prizes making this a combined prize package of at least $500!

The Players Championship

The Players Championship will be played on Saturday, September 7th, and the Top 25 players on the Points List as of August 26th will be invited for this special event. Players that qualify for this event will receive a FREE entry into the tournament, and will be playing for an attractive prize pool, in addition to receiving free golf cart and range balls. This will be a special event for those players who are eligible to play based on their performance and participation throughout the year.  This is the last event to determine Player of the Year, and is worth 3X Player Points.

 Points System

Players will receive points as specified below:

Points for INDIVIDUAL events:
1st PlaceGross 70 pts.
1st Place Net 70 pts.
2nd Place Net 60 pts.
3rd Place Net 50 pts.
4th PlaceNet 40 pts.
5th Place Net 30 pts.
All others receive 15 pts.
Points for TEAM events:
1st Place Gross 50 pts.
1st Place Net 50 pts.
2nd Place Net 45 pts.
3rd Place Net 40 pts.
4th Place Net 35 pts.
5th Place Net 30 pts.
All others receive 15 pts
Points for Individual Match Play Championship:
1st Place 70 pts.
2nd Place 60 pts.
3rd Place 50 pts.
1st Place Consolation 55 pts.
All others receive 15 pts.
Tournaments listed below are worth extra points as designated:
2-Man Best Ball (July 30th) =1 1/2X points
Individual Stroke Play (August 12th) =2 X team points
Club Championship (August 26th-27th) = 2 X points
The Players Championship (September 10th)= 3X points.
(participation points are not multiplied as above, 15 points only)
15 Points are awarded for playing in an event but finishing out of the money.
except participation points are not awarded for the Players Championship
5 Points are awarded for playing in the weekly Thursday Skins game
If you no show for an event that you have registered for,
you will be penalized 20 points for a tournament and 10 points for a skins game.
2 - Zander Nicholson 250